Kay McMillan
I suffer with extreme pain in the lower back and left knee and have tried several different therapies to correct this, nothing seems to last. I’ve had a one to one consultation with Eileen who helped me become more aware of my body and a couple of yoga therapy sessions with her and I have already noticed great improvement in my flexibility and a reduction in pain. I would highly recommend Eileen’s yoga therapy classes for anyone in a similar situation to me. Thank you Eileen  🙏
Olivia Thomas
Ever since college, I’ve carried stress in my muscles. Since the pandemic, the tenseness in my muscles has even further increased.

As often suggested for stress, I immersed myself in various strenuous, large yoga classes. Unfortunately, without enough time to devote to each participating yogi, I was not correctly moving through the poses and I found myself actually doing more harm than good by pushing my body. Only after taking Eileen’s class did I understand the benefits of correctly and deeply focusing on the movements.

In just one class, Eileen completely corrected my postures and I was able to experience the intense benefits of restorative yoga. She gave all of her attention to ensuring I was comfortable in the poses and getting the best results possible. I left with a greater understanding of restorative yoga and even practices I can do on my own-this time without pushing my body past it’s comfort zone!
Danny Hatch
I used to have a bad time doing yoga and thought that I just wasn’t cut out for it until I tried a lesson with Eileen.  Eileen is a great instructor who helped ease me into the physicality at a pace I was comfortable with.  And the location/view just can’t be beat. Highly recommended.

Haylee Vieregg
Quite possibly the best Yoga class of my life. I should say experience because it was so much more than just a typical class. Eileen taught me the true purpose of yoga and the immense benefits it has when properly executed. Thanks to her teaching, I now practice at home - different poses every day to strengthen my back and muscles, and remind myself that I am safe. Cannot wait to return to Beyond Wellness!
Sónia Gomes
I love to practice yoga at Beyond Wellness Aljezur. Eileen is amazing, gives everyone the time and space to make the most of the practice, always guiding wisely. I love everything about Beyond Wellness, the view, the mantras, the bowls and the signature lavender pillows 💜
Sarah Fletcher
I love yoga but my teenage daughters do not. Until now that is. A chance encounter with a couple at O’Ze led to a recommendation for Beyond Wellness. Eileen, as well as being an excellent yoga teacher, is a Professor of Biochemistry and Neuroscience.. she was able to explain to my daughters the actual physiological and neurological benefits of the practice. So much more powerful than my explanations of why the practice works for me. Combined with the truly stunning setting, a relaxed but yet fun atmosphere and my daughters were convinced. My youngest daughter who really struggles with her mental health said after our session that she definitely intends to explore yoga as a coping strategy. My eldest daughter is quite self conscious but was completely at ease. We are booked in again for next week… Thank you Eileen!
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