M.O.V.E _ ECSTATIC DANCE Experience, guided by Djiiva
SATURDAY SEPT 23, 17:30 - 19:30, 20 euros
As there are limited spots, we truly recommend to book in advance via Eventbrite
Come with comfortable clothes and bring something warm and cozy for the final relaxation.
M.O.V.E is the acronym for Moving Organically your Vital Energy.
It is a body practice developed by Marise Cardoso nourished by both ancestral and experimental lineages such as Yoga, Moving Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Gaga Dance, Glorious Body among others.
M.O.V.E can be understood as a Moving Meditation, a deep inner dive revealing the magic of our unique rhythmic expressions.
The practice will take place on the incredible terrace of Beyond Wellness Aljezur, with breathtaking views from Aljezur's Ribeira, with all the natural forces of Parque Natural da Costa Vicentina expressing their magic for the dancer's delight.
Everyone is welcome, M.O.V.E is an inclusive practice. We will be cultivating reconnections with our body, specifically with our dancing body. Whether you are curious to try an Ecstatic Dance Experience or already an experienced dancer, this session is for you!
The journey is guided by Marise Cardoso a.k.a. @djiiva, alma mater of Ser Super Sônico (Super Sonic Being), an experienced DJ with more than 20 years moving bodies in dancefloors around the globe, currently exploring the use of Sound & Movement as tools for Human Transformation. Djiiva is also a yoga and meditation teacher RYT500 and a Sound Alchemist.
M.O.V.E sessions are based on a careful musical selection from all corners of the world providing a 'journey' in the timeline, alternating softness, poetry, grooves and moments of catharsis, gradually returning to calm, when a relaxing Sound Bath is offered to integrate, tune and energize vibrations of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Come curious, leave inspired :)
More info: DM @djiiva or email: sersupersonico@gmail.com | 189mhz@gmail.com
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